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MaxCoil Ortho Crest Mattress with Bedframe
  • MaxCoil Ortho Crest Mattress with Bedframe

    MaxCoil Ortho Crest Mattress with Bedframe


    The mattress incorporates an individual pocketed spring system, where each coil is individually wrapped in fabric pockets. This design allows for targeted support, motion isolation, and contouring to the body's shape.


    The mattress has a Euro pillow top, which provides an extra layer of cushioning and comfort. It has a medium soft comfort feel, offering a balance between softness and support for a comfortable sleep experience.


    The mattress is made with Oxygen Plus knitted fabric. This type of fabric is known for its breathability, promoting airflow and ventilation, which can help regulate body temperature and keep you cool throughout the night.


    The mattress combines natural latex and high-density foam. Natural latex provides responsive support, conforming to the body's contours and relieving pressure points. High-density foam offers durability, support, and additional comfort.


    The mattress is treated with Swiss Sanitized antimicrobial protection, inhibiting the growth of bacteria, fungi, and dust mites. This feature promotes a cleaner and healthier sleep environment.


    The mattress is designed to be resistant to dust mites, bacteria, and fungi, further contributing to a more hygienic sleep surface.


    The mattress is described as having a medium firmness level. This means it provides a balance between support and comfort, suitable for a wide range of sleepers.


    The mattress has a height of 14 inches, which is considered relatively thick. The added height can provide additional support and comfort.


    Bed set Package Promotion
    (Item includes 14" Pocketed Spring Mattress + BedFrame/ Storage Bed )

    Free Gifts

    - Nino Pillow x 2

    - Viva Bolster x 2
    - Mattress Protector x 1

    - Easy Care Bedsheet set x 1
    - Delivery and Assembly

    MaxCoil Ortho Crest Mattress with Divan Bedframe

    Single - $1,829.00

    Super Single - $1,869.00

    Queen - $1,979.00

    King - $2,419.00

    MaxCoil Ortho Crest Mattress with Storage Bedframe

    Single - $2,429.00

    Super Single - $2,469.00

    Queen - $2,679.00

    King - $3,319.00

    Warranty : Mattress 15 Years, Bedframe 5 Years*
    Free Delivery and Installation worth up to $80 for all Package Promotions*

      PriceFrom $1,829.00
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