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MaxCoil Summer Island Mattress with Bedframe
  • MaxCoil Summer Island Mattress with Bedframe

    MaxCoil Summer Island


    • Individual Pocketed Spring System: This refers to a support system where each coil is individually wrapped in fabric pockets. This design allows the springs to work independently, contouring to the body's shape and providing targeted support and motion isolation.

    • Plush Euro Top: The Euro top refers to an additional layer of padding sewn onto the mattress surface. It offers an extra cushioning layer for enhanced comfort and support.

    • Comfortable Knitted Fabric: The mattress is made with a knitted fabric, which is known for its softness, breathability, and flexibility. It contributes to a comfortable sleep experience.

    • Swiss Sanitized Antimicrobial Protection: This feature indicates that the mattress has been treated with Swiss Sanitized technology, which is designed to inhibit the growth of bacteria, fungi, and dust mites. It helps to maintain a cleaner and healthier sleep environment.

    • Anti-Dust Mite: The mattress is designed to repel or resist dust mites. Dust mites are microscopic organisms that can trigger allergies or respiratory issues in some individuals, so this feature can be beneficial for those with sensitivities.

    • Anti-Bacterial: The mattress is designed to prevent the growth or proliferation of bacteria, reducing the risk of bacterial-related issues.

    • Anti-Fungi: The mattress is formulated to resist the growth of fungi or mold, which can be detrimental to sleep quality and health.

    • Firmness: The mattress has a medium-firm feel, rating 5/10 on the firmness scale. This level of firmness offers a balance of support and comfort, suitable for many sleepers.

    • Height: The mattress has a thickness of 10.5 inches, which is considered a standard height for most mattresses.



    Bed set Package Promotion
    (Item includes 10.5" Pocketed Spring Mattress + BedFrame/ Storage Bed )


    Free Gifts

    - Viva Pillow x 2

    - Mattress Protector x 1

    - Delivery and Assembly

    MaxCoil Summer Island Mattress with Divan Bedframe

    Single - $1,059.00

    Super Single - $1,109.00

    Queen - $1,219.00

    King - $1,659.00

    MaxCoil Summer Island Mattress with Storage Bedframe

    Single - $1,659.00

    Super Single - $1,709.00

    Queen - $1,919.00

    King - $2,559.00

    Warranty : Mattress 15 Years, Bedframe 5 Years*
    Free Delivery and Installation worth up to $80 for all Package Promotions*



      PriceFrom $1,059.00
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