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Unicorn Hilton Mattress with Bedframe

Unicorn Hilton Mattress with Bedframe

Our mattress features a luxurious Belgium Knitted Fabric cover that is incredibly soft to the touch, providing an indulgent sleeping experience. With a high density foam comfort layer, the mattress offers the ideal balance of support and comfort, ensuring that you wake up feeling refreshed and revitalized each morning.


The mattress also boasts individual pocketed springs that are not attached to each other, allowing them to move independently and provide enhanced support that adapts to your body's contours. With this unique spring design, you'll experience unparalleled pressure relief and motion isolation, ensuring a peaceful and undisturbed night's sleep.


Firm Level (Least to Most Firm)  : 3/5


Bed set Package Promotion 

(Item includes Hilton Spring Mattress + Bed Frame / Storage Bed )


Hilton Package with Divan

Single - $499.00

Super Single - $529.00

Queen - $599.00

King - $799.00


Hilton Package with Storage Bed

Single - $819.00

Super Single - $939.00

Queen - $1,129.00

King - $1,449.00

    PriceFrom $499.00
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