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Viro Tatami Mattress
  • Viro Tatami Mattress

    Viro Tatami Mattress 


    The Tatami mattress is designed to provide a medium level of comfort that is suitable for most sleepers. Its quilted and plumped design ensures a comfortable sleeping surface that is supportive and soft to the touch. The mattress is also versatile and can be used for both playtime and sleep time, making it a great choice for families.


    One of the key features of the Tatami mattress is its reversible design, which allows you to flip the mattress over for a different level of firmness. This means that you can choose between a medium soft or medium firm feel, depending on your preference.


    In addition to its comfort level, the Tatami mattress is also designed with health and hygiene in mind. It is anti-bacterial, anti-dust mite, and anti-fungi, which helps to keep the mattress clean and hygienic, reducing the risk of allergies or respiratory problems.


    Overall, the Tatami mattress is a great choice for anyone looking for a versatile, comfortable, and hygienic mattress that is suitable for both sleep and play.


    Available Size:

    Single 4" - $209

    Super Single 4" - $259


    All mattress includes 3 Years Warranty*

      PriceFrom $209.00
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